Custom timber vanities: the return of a classic with a feminine spirit

We don’t know the reason for his banishment from bedrooms and bathrooms (perhaps the ‘boom’ of small houses), but now we are witnessing his return and it is almost impossible to navigate Pinterest (his searches have gone up like foam) and not meet any of them. As you can see, these 13 proposals are full of charm. 

Stylish timber bathroom vanities melbourne 

1. With room for everything

This proposal from custom timber vanities has everything to succeed: an elegant design, a comfortable surface to give you the last touch, a mirror to check the effect of your look and many drawers and compartments to store your makeup products, but also your jewelry, accessories or perfumes. The red-white binomial adds a sophisticated and ‘chic’ note to the whole.

Stylish dressers 2. Pure Hollywood style

2. Pure Hollywood style

However, we are talking about the golden years of the Mecca of cinema, when the stars did not go out on the streets without make-up or in sports. Its charming ‘vintage’ aesthetics turns the moment of getting ready into something with ‘glamour’. A brilliant model that takes care of every detail: like the set of mirrors of different sizes. The grey velvet pouf is a must of the season. In Essential Home.

3. A fashionable classic

Made of wood with matching mirror. As functional as it is elegant, it is also suitable for flirting without complexes. The three drawers make it possible to clear the worktop of products and always look impeccable and tidy. In El Corte Inglés.

4. Very feminine

That’s what curved shapes have. With a glass tabletop and three drawers, Ikea’s Hemnes recycled timber vanity melbourne combines beauty and functionality. A piece that vindicates the most feminine and flirtatious side of the woman of the 21st century.

Stylish dressers 5. In ‘brilli-brilli’ version.

5. In ‘brilli-brilli’ version

Doesn’t the party look feel like a glove to the boudoir? This piece by Maisons du Monde ( will flood your bedroom with glamour and turn the act of making up into a moment full of magic… And brightness!

6. Pure glam

This proposal by Jonathan Adler elevates ‘glamour’ to tenth power. Roses, gold, sophisticated fabrics and an exquisite design will turn this environment into your favourite corner of the house, the one where you can be yourself and let yourself be carried away by your flirtatious and superficial vein. We know, it’s not exactly a recycled timber vanity melbourne, but it is a console with many uses.

7. A ‘très chic’ piece

A beauty centre at home, ideal for storing your beauty allies as well as jewellery, watches and other fashion accessories. To keep things tidy, you can leave it uncluttered or put boxes on top. From My timber bathroom vanities melbourne . “Shadow here and shadow there…”, sang Mecano.

8. With a glorious past

This boudoir from The French Bedroom takes us directly to the French 18th century and to luxury. Substitute extensions for wigs, contouring for white powders and daring blush for today’s natural blush and you’ll have landed in the 21st with all the glamour of yesteryear.

Stylish modern timber vanity 

9. The childish side of things

The costumes, mom’s high heels and the red lipstick are three of the favourite ‘toys’ of the little ones. That’s why, if the size of your room allows it, create a custom timber vanities area for them to play at being older. They’ll have time to grow! Proposal by Melody Maison (

10. A dressing room at home

With this proposal modern timber vanity every time you sit on his stool (red, ‘of course’) you’ll think you’re going to be on stage. In addition, the mirror with light bulbs offers a perfect light to make you up, avoiding shadowy areas.